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Maybe Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers wouldn’t be the end of the world


This summer will be the third time that Dwight Howard is required to make a decision regarding his future, and according to Mark Medina of the Long Beach Press Telegram, Howard has definitely added the Golden State Warriors on his list of possible team destinations. The Warriors have previously come up as potential candidates for Dwight Howard prior to this 2013-2014 season, but they’ve never looked as appealing as a team as they currently do, as they’re packed with talent.

Stephen Curry, their point guard, has enthralled NBA fans with his tremendous ball handling skill, exquisite shooting displays, and incredible play-making abilities. Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes are also two very young and promising players in the league, who have both proven their worth in this years play offs, as the Warriors emerged in post season as a serious threat.

If you incorporate Dwight Howard into that mix of impending superstars, you’ve got serious contenders.

Unfortunately for both Howard and the Warriors, it won’t be easy to acquire Dwight – the best center in the NBA – simply because the Warriors can’t afford him. In fact, with the Warriors’ payroll next year being at $75,680,688, Golden State won’t have nearly as much spending power as they’d likely need to sign Dwight Howard without giving up some of their own players.

With Dwight looking to sign a max contract this summer, the Warriors would have to dump some of their salary to the Lakers to even out the deal, as they are already $11,668,825 over the salary cap.

One interesting scenario that’s been looming around Laker Land is the possibility that Klay Thompson and/or Harrison Barnes might be included in a package deal sent to the Lakers in exchange for Howard. Since the Lakers are intending to keep Mike D’Antoni as coach, it’s important to acknowledge that both of these players would be ideal for the Lakers’ playing style. Both Thompson and Barnes are fresh-legged, excellent three point shooters, and fit right into D’Antoni’s fast-paced offensive system perfectly.


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