Metta World Peace tells kid he didn’t elbow James Harden


Back in 2012, while he was still a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, Metta World Peace elbowed James Harden in the head and was suspended for seven games.

You remember that, right? Of course you do; how could you forget? However, MWP has apparently done just that.

According to Time Magazine, World Peace was recently approached by a child who brought up the whole “elbow” incident and MWP acted as if he didn’t have any idea as to what the fifth grader was talking about:

[pullquote]Then, another fifth grader turns to World Peace. “Remember when you were playing, and you went like that to James Harden?” he asked, mimicking an elbow. During the [2011-12 NBA season], World Peace leveled Harden, and was suspended for seven games. “No,” World Peace replied. “Absolutely not. That never happened.”[/pullquote]

Shouldn’t Harden be the one experiencing memory loss?

Of course, Metta absolutely the remembers the incident, but he probably just wishes he couldn’t: he worked so hard to get his career and image back on track and then took a leap back after a poor decision made in the heat of the moment.

MWP wants to set an admirable example to children and be seen as a good role model overall, so it’s not surprising to hear him completely deny the lapse of judgement that he had during that game in 2012.

However, seeing as MWP was a Laker for four years and gave crazy interviews on the daily, we should all be used to this sort of thing by now.

At the end of the day, it’s just Ron being Ron.

H/T Complex

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