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Metta World Peace: We definitely want to beat the Bulls’ record and go 73-9

Another great quote was dropped by Metta World Peace the other day during an interview on ESPN 710 radio:

We definitely want to beat the Bulls record and go 73-9. You’ve gotta snatch records before you leave this earth.

Wow, that’s pretty bold! But Metta is a guy who always speaks his mind. It may seem like a pretty crazy thing to say seeing as 73 wins would be the most in NBA history, but as most competitors, NBA players will go out there wanting to win every single game. Kobe is probably thinking the same but just wouldn’t say it.

In fact, this quote from MWP isn’t that crazy compared to what Ronny Turiaf said in the 2007 Lakers training camp. “We want to go 82-0,” were the words uttered by the Frenchman – and remember, that was a team where Kwame Brown was the starting center.

I don’t think the Lakers will be able to break the Bulls’ record this year. They probably won’t have a fully healthy team for most of the season – especially at the beginning when Dwight Howard could be back on the court, but even if he is, he’ll still be getting up to speed – and the new squad is going to have to work out how to play with each other.

I don’t think they’ll be huge issues in terms of the team getting along, but then again I don’t think 73 wins is possible either. A 65 win season would be a solid campaign and is probably more likely.

What do you think though? Can the Lakers win 73 games or is that out of the question? Let us know! Click here to vote in our Facebook poll.

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