Mike D’Antoni reacts to the “WE WANT PHIL!” chants


During Shaq’s jersey retirement on Tuesday night, Phil Jackson made an appearance at center court – then the expected happened.

The fans began chanting “WE WANT PHIL!” on numerous occasions throughout the ceremony, with the largest chants coming when Shaq took to the mic:

So, how did the current coach of the Lakers, Mike D’Antoni, feel about these chants? Here’s what he said, according to ProBasketballTalk:

“He’s only won 58 rings. Why wouldn’t they?”

Phil hasn’t won 58 rings, but that number’s actually pretty close.

D’Antoni has been fighting a losing battle since he got here; the fans wanted Phil after Mike Brown was fired, but the Lakers went and signed D’Antoni instead. While some gave him a chance when he arrived, the constant struggles haven’t done too much to win fans over so far. You can only imagine what it will get like if the Lakers miss the playoffs or lose in the first round.

Even Shaq said, “I want Phil too,” and he was coached by D’Antoni in the past. Awkward.

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