Mike D’Antoni says Nick Young is passing too much in practice


The Los Angeles Lakers signed Nick Young this summer because he can shoot. So, when he’s passing the ball too much, Mike D’Antoni gets on at him about not jacking up enough shots.

Here’s what Young told Mark Medina earlier this week:

[pullquote]As he’s spent the past month in informal workouts at the Lakers’ practice facility, Nick Young has heard coach Mike D’Antoni harp on one thing and one thing only.

Shoot the ball.

Young hardly struggles with that, as evidenced by his gun-slinging ways that, for better and for worse, contributed to averaging 11.3 points, 1.9 rebounds and one assist in six seasons. Apparently, though, Young needs to dial it up even more.

“He was on me when I was passing so much earlier today,” Young said Tuesday night at the NBA2K14 launch party at the Greystone Manor in West Hollywood. “I didn’t have that in a while. I’m excited.”[/pullquote]

With an average of just one assist per game during his NBA career, Young isn’t exactly the next Magic Johnson, yet D’Antoni’s system calls for good, quick ball movement, so he will need to give up the rock now and again. However, this is the same thing D’Antoni told Jodie Meeks after he was hired as head coach back in November: shoot the ball. If you’re a shooter and you have a good look, take it.

Of course, some players sometimes struggle to differentiate between a good shot and a bad shot, but hopefully Young will feel free to play his type of game this season and will fill it up on a nightly basis.

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