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My Top 10 greatest Lakers of all-time

9) Wilt Chamberlain


(1968-1973) C, 7ft1, 275lb
1x NBA champion (1972)
3x NBA All-Star
5x Rebounding Champion (1968-1969, 1971-1973)
#13 Retired Jersey

The Lakers came up short in two consecutive finals (’69 & ’70) whilst meshing together a new squad alongside other Laker greats. The ’72 squad brought the first ever championship to Los Angeles, alongside the NBA record of 33 consecutive wins, as well as the second best record 69-12 (previously the best record until the Bulls and Michael Jordan topped it with a 72-10 season). Although Wilt wasn’t in his prime, his rebounding (5 rebounding titles with the Lakers) and his defense, was key for the Lakers before his retirement.

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