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My Top 10 greatest Lakers of all-time

7) Elgin Baylor


(1958-1971) SF/PF, 6ft5, 225lb
1st pick overall in the 1958 draft
11x NBA All-Star
1x NBA All-Star MVP (1959)
NBA Rookie of the Year (1959)
10x All-NBA First Team
#22 retired

In this whole list, Elgin Baylor is the only player without an NBA title in his resume. Many may argue that a title determines the success of the player’s career, nevertheless, it was impossible for Elgin to miss out on being in the Top 10.

Elgin played for the Lakers on weekends whilst being on active duty in the US Army Reserve in the ’62 season. During this stretch, he averaged 38pts, 18 rebounds, 4 assists in 48 games. Elgin was the next big franchise player after the retirement of Mikan. He attracted fans with his slick jumpshot and took the Lakers to the finals in his rookie season, which then produced the first of many Lakers vs. Celtics battles.

In the ’72 season, Elgin retired 7 games into the season due to his ever lasting knee injury. This was seen by many people as a bad decision in the long run, as he missed two historic achievements; the NBA record of most consecutive wins (33) and the Lakers’ first ever championship in Los Angeles. Nevertheless, the Lakers still gave Elgin a championship ring even though he wasn’t an active player.

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