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My Top 10 greatest Lakers of all-time

5) Jerry West


(1960-1974) G, 6ft2, 185lb
2nd overall pick in the 1960 draft
1x NBA champion (1972)
1x NBA Finals MVP (1969)
14x NBA All-Star
10x All-NBA First Team
#44 Retired

Many other people may have different opinions on Jerry West. Some say he should be higher up in the list, whereas some may say he is placed too high. But one thing that pushed me over the edge to put him in my Top 5 is the fact that Jerry is the only player in the history of the NBA to win an NBA Finals MVP whilst being on the losing team.

Nicknamed ”Mr Clutch”, he was known for his deadly shooting range and his work ethic. Facing continuous defeats in the playoffs and the finals, Mr Clutch has also contributed to the Los Angeles Lakers in another way which many of the others haven’t. As well as being the man in the NBA logo, Jerry West arguable is also one of the greatest general managers, famously known for signing Shaquille O’Neal and trading for Kobe Bryant in 1996, as well as signing Phil Jackson, a trio which brought the Lakers a three-peat during 2000-2002. Plus, West helped build the 1980’s dynasty which brought five championships to Los Angeles.

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