So, the NBA players have been drafted. In case you missed it, we prepared a detailed timeline that reflects all the main events of the draft night, one by one, hour by hour. Here you will find not only the final trades (some of which you probably already heard of) but also the ones that almost happened – and then did not in the end. The expectations, rumours, and the final agreements – you’ll find all of this below. Enjoy your reading.

What is interesting about this draft?

2021 is the first draft, where we can compare how the teams view the students and players who played in the G-League. There are four players on the draft from the experimental team – Green, Kuminga, Todd and Nix who were expected to be selected in the second round. The first season will answer many questions – whether they have the necessary fundamentals and whether there is a big difference in which direction to go for young players. But even before the first season, it was possible to see what the NBA teams thought of the G-League program on the actual draft day.

Are there many Europeans?

There were some worthy players from Europe in the first round – the Turkish centre from Besiktas, Alperen Shengyun and Usman Garuba from Real Madrid. There is also a European from the NCAA Moritz Wagner’s brother, Franz. There is also Australian Joshua Giddey, and Memphis was really interested in him at the start of the draft.

Draft Night: The Timeline

21:15 Over the past five, maybe even ten years, there has not been a draft where all the prominent experts agreed and had the same opinion about the leading players. All three candidates for the top 3 are future NBA stars and would have been the first pick in any other draft. These are, of course, Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green and Evan Mobley.

So, who even are they?

Cade Cunningham is a strange mix between Luka Doncic and Grant Hill. He is a 203cm point guard who can impress anyone with his versatility, leadership skills, and incredible game. He has many strengths and hardly any weaknesses.

Cunningham was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft on Thursday night.

Jalen Green is the most successful graduate of the G-League Experimental Team to this date. It is possible to compare him to LaVine (based on athleticism) and Beal (because of the many throws). Green, who believes that he can only be compared with Kobe, had already said that everyone (Detroit) is crazy if he is not chosen first. He also promoted himself in every possible way as the best player in the draft before the draft-night even started.

Evan Mobley is the most unicorn player in the draft but also the most unprepared one. It’s hard to say what Mobley lacks the talent for: he had moments of good dribbling, assists, phenomenal blocks as well as defence, post up and shooting. He can play in the positions of power forward and centre. But many scouts are unsure about him due to his apparent unpreparedness.

Slightly below them is the leader of Gonzaga – Jalen Suggs. A point guard who would be considered to be the first pick any other year. Jalen has a perfect reputation – he was winning at school, he made Gonzaga’s results better: they only lost one game in a whole year (and that was in the final), and now he was in the draft as well. Many scouts were in love with Suggs – he is reasonable, intelligent, calm, he plays both in the defence and in the offence while staying a completely unselfish playmaker. He is considered one of the readiest players in the league.

Next comes Scottie Barnes, a (potentially) improved version of Draymond Green; an infinitely talented and very underprepared Kuminga who was considered more talented than Jalen Green a year ago; and James Bouknight, the best among the players who spent more than one season in the NCAA.

21:17 Wojnarowski had already announced that Detroit had decided on the first pick, and, unsurprisingly, it is Cade Cunningham. According to an insider, offers for the first pick kept coming, but at that point, there were no options that could disrupt the Pistons plan.

21:30 A minute of history – the last time Detroit had the first pick was back in 1970, and, most interestingly, the Rockets were choosing the second. At that time, two future Hall of Famers were selected – Bob Lanier and Rudy Tomjanovich. Although both of them ended up being players without a title, they had 13 All-Star Games between the two of them.

21:37 An interesting fact – two of the predicted top 4 players were good quarterbacks. Cunningham was a promising player, but he focused on basketball early. But Suggs had received the titles “Mr Football” and “Mr Basketball” in Minnesota in 2018, thus becoming the first athlete to win this award in two sports. Suggs did not just win the award but also led his school to the state championship in football.

22:05 Traditionally, every year, the best players are invited to the Green Room. What this is, is an invitation to attend the ceremony with friends and family. The players who are expected to get picked are usually invited to walk up to the stage when their names are called out. This year, 20 players were invited to the Green Room for the draft ceremony.

22:10 In fact, it only seemed like there had been a lull. By that time, most teams had been discussing trades for a week, if not more. Here is just a short summary of what was happening behind the scenes at the time:

  • Morey was looking for a team that can be tricked into being interested in Simmons and was asking for some first-round picks and young players. So, Toronto and Cleveland had politely said no already.
  • Buddy Hield was becoming one of the leading newsmakers at the moment.
  • There were discussions about Harrell, Kuzma and the 22nd pick from the Lakers being traded for a Sacramento player.
  • The moment of unexpected news from Mark Stein: “San Antonio” may take Kuzma in a deal involving DeRozan.
  • Throughout the week, rumours were circulating that Gilgeous-Alexander and some picks will be traded for the right of the first choice in Detroit, but it seems like the team from Michigan had already pulled out of the deal.

22:35 So, what were the expectations for player selection before the start of the draft?

You already know about Cunningham. The rest of the rumours were something like this:

  • Golden State didn’t have the final decision, but they liked the individual viewing of Kuminga.
  • Sacramento targeted Wagner.
  • Memphis planned to take Giddey, although he was also on Golden State’s wish list.
  • The Knicks had viewed many players, but only Chris Duarte, the oldest player in the draft (he is already 24 years old), had an individual viewing and was successful.

23:09 Nothing interesting was happening at this moment, so let’s talk a little bit more about history.

In the new century, Detroit chose in the top-10 eight times, and it was, to put it mildly, unsuccessful: Rodney White, Darko Milicic, Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, Andre Drummond, Kentavious Caldwell Pope, Stanley Johnson and Killian Hayes.

Houston had been selecting in the top-10 only three times in the 21st century:

Joel Przybilla, Yao Ming and Rudy Gay.

23:19 And here are the first rumours! The Knicks and Orlando were negotiating the trade of Terrence Ross.

The Knicks were trying to get the 8th pick from Orlando, but there were no chances, and most importantly, no assets for this.

The Knicks were also interested in the 12th pick from San Antonio; they wanted to be sure to pick Chris Duarte since Indiana was also interested in him. Also, the Indianapolis team was showing interest in Corey Kispert from Gonzaga.

The Pacers were also talking to Atlanta and discussing the trade of the 13th pick for the 20th and Reddish.

23:31 And now it is time for #joke_of_the_day!

Philadelphia tried to offer Ben Simmons to Golden State for Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman and picks no. 7 and 14 of 2021 and two future picks. The main thing is faith!

Golden State said no. What strange people….

23:41 The Lakers were actively trying to agree with Indiana, offering Kuzma and 22nd pick for the pick no. 13.

23:48 The fight for players was not just between teams but also between major sports brands.

By this time, Adidas had already signed Green, Mobley, Suggs and Cooper.

Nike signed only one player, but it was Cunningham.

23:56 What had been happening so far:

  • Jalen Green revealed that his Rockets screening went well and said that he would fit perfectly in the offence.
  • Isaiah Jackson had been to an individual screening with the Nets and believed he would play well with Durant if Kevin plays as a power forward and he himself plays as a centre.
  • It turned out that Quentin Grimes amazed the Knicks at the viewing.
  • Quentin may set a unique achievement in the near future.
  • Quentin has a half brother, Tyler Myers, who played 462 games in the NHL. The pair of them could become the first brothers to play in two professional sports leagues.
  • Quentin is interesting not only for his brother. He had been the 8th in the ranking of students in 2018, ahead of such players as Garland, Keldon Johnson and even Quickley.

0:05 Montrez Harrell picked the player option for the next season ($ 9.7 million per season).

0:08 Wojnarowski announced some striking news: 

With Harrell’s option, the deal to swap Montrez and Kuzma for Buddy Hield is nearing completion!

0:13 And here is the trade! No, not the confirmation of the agreement on Hield. It is the Nets who traded with Phoenix: Landry Shamet for Jevon Carter.

Brooklyn now has picks no. 27, 29, 44, 49 and 59.

0:19 WESTBROOK was getting ready to join the Lakers!

0:23 Harrell, Caldwell Pope, Kuzma and possibly the 22nd pick will be going to Washington.

0:30 Charania – Wojnarovski 1: 0, it was Shams who announced it first, but the official confirmation had not come yet at that point. For the whole 5 minutes, Buddy Hield was “almost a player” of the LeBron team.

0:35 And finally, some adequacy in this world of chaos and madness: the Shamet – Carter trade and the Westbrook trade will not be finalized until the 6th of August when the NBA starts a new fiscal year.

In this fiscal year, the old salaries are still in force, so the trades cannot go through.

Wojnarowski also reported that the deal is almost finalized, but there is a parallel discussion between Sacramento and the Lakers.

0:40 Kevin O’Connor (Bill Simmons’ right-hand man in The Ringer) tweeted the poll, asking Lakers’ fans who they’d rather see on their team.

0:53 A trade! Ricky Rubio, a second-round pick and a sum of money that had not been stated, was traded to Cleveland for Taurean Prince.

0:58 A little more about Washington – they made Bertans available for trade, and Marcus Thompson from the Athletic said they are rumoured to want to build a team around Beal, so they won’t be getting rid of him.


1:03 The agreement about Rubio hasn’t been finalized either, but Minnesota will get a trade exception of $ 4.75 million if it is.

1:03 Fashionistas start arriving at the ceremony. We’ll pick the worst suit of the draft a bit later, but Suggs’s snake suit looks like a good contender. Oh yeah, we’re talking about the draft. 

1:23 The details of Westbrook’s transfer into the Washington agreement has not yet been finalized. As mentioned before, it will be thoroughly discussed by the 6th of August. 

But the clubs can agree on the main details in the next few hours.If the Lakers do give away their 22nd pick, Washington needs to have enough time to tell them who to select with that number. If the Wizards agree on a couple of this year’s second-round picks, the Lakers have yet to buy them (the club didn’t have any at that point).

It would be difficult to postpone the discussion about the draft compensation until the offseason, as the Lakers do not have a first-round pick next year, and the latter are in Orlando’s control. The only future pick available for trade is the 2027 one, and in regards to the second-round picks, there’s also nothing up until 2023.

1:25 And here was an update from Wojnarowski: The Westbrook deal is almost complete. The discussions about compensation for Washington in the form of picks are in progress. It could be the 22nd pick or the picks of the second round.

1:36 LeBron, Davis, and Westbrook will earn $120.8 million between the three of them next year. This is 8 million more than the expected limit of the salary cap (112.4 million).

1:46 Fun fact – Cunningham, Barnes and Moody went to the same school, the famous Montverde.

Day’Ron Sharpe, Philip Petrusev and Sandro Mamukelashvili also studied there, but they were unlikely to be selected until the second round.

1:49 Getting back to the Lakers, they will definitely not be able to get free agents through a sign-and-trade option this summer. This is because they are limited by a hard cap (143 million), and their new payroll that includes three maximum salaries will not have enough cap space.

1:57 Let’s talk fashion again! The award for the worst draft suit goes to Jaylen Green, no doubts about that (you would recognize him by his gorgeous hair)!

While there was a temporary lull, the people on Twitter discussed Scottie Barnes’ suit. He was the last in line, wearing a stunning, sleek, white suit.

2:19 FInally, something happened! A trade! Mason Plumlee and pick 37 were traded to Charlotte for pick 57. This deal will be finalized on the 6th of August.

2:21 How likely is it that almost every national team player wanted to talk to Beal on that day in Tokyo? Very likely.

2:31 And a little about the players’ families.

Do you remember Eddie Jones? He is not only a player in the all-star games but also a relative of Suggs. He is the cousin of Suggs’ father.

Emmanuel Mudiay is Cuminga’s cousin. Although Mudiay was an inch away from being out of the league by then, he had been a lottery pick.

David Johnson, who will be selected in the second round, also has a cousin with experience in the NBA, albeit he is not as much of a star – Ray Spaulding, who played two games for Houston this season.

There is also Duan Washington Jr., whose father had played in the NBA, albeit not for a long time. But his uncle, Derek Fisher, with whom he lived for a long time, is much better known.

In regards to Duan himself, it is unlikely that we’ll see him since he is put numer 80+ in the draft.

2:38 Detroit’s Plumlee trade created extra cap space of around 8.1 million dollars.

2:44 Let’s go over how the insiders saw the top 10 picks a few minutes before the ceremony started:











2:53 Of all the top prospects, only Garuba was not invited to the ceremony, but he is playing for the national team in Tokyo, and there are interesting rumours about him.

According to a Bleacher report insider, Garuba will go down to 20+ pick.The teams are unsure about his offence skills and the fact that he could not come to the previews, so there is no accurate information about his abilities.

2:56: Here come the players!

Scottie Barnes came out first, to my delight.

James Bouknight’s father could well have starred in action films of the 90s. His son looked highly nervous. 

2:57 Chris Duarte confirmed his title of the oldest player of the class and went up with his son.

3:05 And here came the league’s favourite commissioner, Adam Silver.

His appearance caused striking hatred from the stands. But the main person of the league kept smiling.

3:06 Detroit was given 5 minutes to make their choice. Time starts now! 

3:10 Detroit picked Cade Cunningham with the first pick of the 2021 NBA draft.

Let’s pretend to be surprised and move on.

3:11 Houston’s five minutes have run out. 

They were expected to select Jalen Green based on Wojnarowski’s information.

3:13 It’s interesting that Scottie Barnes was the one who was most excited about Cunningham’s selection. He was more excited than Cunningham himself.

3:16 Houston picked Jalen Green with the second pick.He even flew to New York on a private plane from Houston and returned there on the same jet after the ceremony.

3:19 And while the teams were making their choices, the Lakers made final agreements with the Wizards and traded the 22nd pick, Harrell, Caldwell Pope and Kuzma, for Westbrook and two picks of the second round (2024 and 2028)

3:22 Cleveland selected Evan Mobley with the third pick!

As per this moment, all picks were going strictly according to the plan; there wasn’t anything surprising.

Cleveland had received many offers, but they planned to put Allen and Mobley in the front court and build a team around them and Garland.

Buddy Hield must be so disappointed.

3:26 Indiana bought the 31st pick from Milwaukee.

The 54th, 60th and two picks of the second round will go to the champions in the next drafts.

3:27 Here comes the sensation!

Toronto picked Scottie Barnes with the fourth pick, which means that Orlando’s long years of suffering without a playmaker are nearing completion.

They are nearing completion, right?

3:30 Rumor had it that Ujiri was so amazed at seeing Barnes at the preview that he had absolutely no doubts about his choice.

The story is similar to the choice of Siakam, only that here the foundation is more interesting.

The Toronto fans did not appreciate the choice.

3:33 Orlando took Jalen Suggs with the 5th pick.

I tried to remember when Orlando had a point guard who made more than six assists per game, and if I got it right – it’s Steve Francis in the 2004/2005 season.

3:38 Oklahoma had been thinking for more than 5 minutes.

3:40 Oklahoma used their 6th pick on Josh Giddey.

Presti certainly knows how to be surprising, but he is also almost the best one in the league for making choices in the draft.

3:41 What we had is Giddey, Pokushevski and Gilgeous-Alexander – very interesting.

It’s all really confusing but very exciting.

3:44: At this moment, Kuminga and Bouknight were available and fighting to be selected at the 6th pick.

Next in line was the Golden State.

3:47 Golden State was discussing options for trades. If they’d have none, they’d go for Kuminga (Wojnarowski).

3:49 Golden State picked Jonathan Kuminga with the 7th pick in the 2021 NBA draft.

Orlando chose again.

3:50 Many experts believe that the Golden State will trade Cuming, but a bit later.

Orlando was considering Wagner, which means that Bouknight continued to move down on the board.

3:51 Orlando selected Franz Wagner, Moritz’s brother, with the 8th pick.

Quite an interesting decision. First, Sacramento was Wagner’s contender, and then no one had shown any interest in him until almost the moment when players 30-20 were selected.

3:56 something is interesting going on in Orlando:

Suggs (Anthony)

Fultz (Hampton)

Harris (Okeke)

Isaac (Wagner)

Carter (Bamba)

3:59 Sacramento picked Davion Mitchell with the 9th pick!

Bouknight was available, and Oklahoma would soon be selecting. But for now, Memphis is the next in line, just after Giddey.

4:01 Was anyone surprised that Sacramento acquired another defender in addition to Fox and Haliburton? I know I wasn’t.

4:06 Pelicans select Zaire Williams for Memphis.

Bouknight was still available at this point, and it was beginning to become strange.

Next in line was Charlotte.

4:08 A pretty chaotic choice; Williams would be sitting there, not selected by anyone until around the pick 15.

4:09 Who else was available?





According to rumours, these are the following candidates. It is strange that Moody was still available and had not been selected earlier. 

4:11 Charlotte had selected James Bouknight with the 11th pick.

This could have become one of the main picks of the draft, but the team obviously didn’t think he would be available.

San Antonio’ 5 minutes had started. 

We all wanted them to choose Shengyun, right?

4:14 Does Jordan’s choice of team mean Monk is leaving the team?


4:16 Ziaire Williams was selected.

4:17 San Antonio picked Josh Primo with the 12th pick!

4:20 Congratulations to the Sacramento fans! The title 

” The weirdest management and decision in the draft” goes to Texas!

4:21 Reaction from Twitter.

Jonathan Wasserman (Bleacher report):

“Spend a year trying to predict the draft, and then Josh Primo goes 12”

Mike Vorkunov (The Athletic):

“Primo was 29th in our mock.”

4:22 It really wasn’t going well for Primo. He even considered leaving the draft and preparing a little bit better, but there it is.

The choice really is strange. It was easily possible to trade the 12th pick for two lower ones on the board with the same result, selecting Primo .. But maybe there’s something we do not understand.

The first player, who was not invited to the ceremony, was selected.

4:24 Indiana took Chris Duarte right under the Knicks’ nose at the 13th pick.

4:25 Chris Duarte is the oldest player in the draft since 2005.

Since then, the only player to make it through the first round at the age of 24 is Taj Gibson.

4:28 Golden State finishes the lottery by choosing Moses Moody, who they considered taking with the 7th pick.

Surprised he stayed until the 14th pick, but the draft is surprising, really.

Who’s next?




4:31 Wasn’t Washington going to build a team around Beale? Kispert, then.

Or maybe forget that, and let’s rebuild the team? Shengyun or Johnson, then.

4:35 Washington picked Corey Kispert with the 15th pick.

Am I getting it right that they seriously want to build a team around Bradley Beale, who is 28, with no one playing along him right now?

Next in line was Presti again – there was Jones, Johnson, Murphy, or maybe we should also count Pokushevski, Giddey and Shengyun?

4:37 Before the Wizards were selecting, Silver gave a speech about Terrence Clark, who could have been chosen in the draft this year but died in a car accident.

Clark had been symbolically selected in the 2021 NBA Draft.

 R.I.P Terrence Clarke. 

4:40 Oklahoma traded 16th pick to Houston.

4:41 Houston picked Alperen Shengyun, a Turkish center from Besiktas.

4:46 Oklahoma got two future first-round picks from the Rockets.

And you’re saying Ainge suffered from addiction to future picks?

4:48 Let me remind you that the five of Washington are now: ? point guard-Beale-Kispert-Bertans-Bryant.

And by the way, Holmgren will be in the next draft. An interesting guy.

Oklahoma will have 17 first-round picks starting from 2022.

4:49 Memphis was picking for the Pelicans. And they choose Trey Murphy.

And at this point, we still had:

  • Jaylen Johnson
  • Keon Johnson
  • Kai Jones

Oklahoma was picking again.

4:54 If Morey still believed in the price that was asked for Ben Simmons at this point, then that’s the sort of belief I want to have in myself.

By the way, judging by the tweet of Tony Jones (the Athletic’s insider, writing about Utah), Murphy was going to be picked by the Jazz.

4:59 Oklahoma picked Tre Mann with the 18th pick.

While everyone was waiting for the Knicks’ pick, Charania reported Boston’s Chicago’s and Toronto’s interest in Lonzo Ball.

5:02 The Knicks, upset by the fact that Duarte wasn’t available, decided to trade their pick with Charlotte for a future first-round pick.

Charlotte decided to take Kai Jones.

5:03 Jaylen Johnson and Keon Johnson continued to slip down the board, and Usman Garuba, Butler and Thomas went up.

5:06 Best Interview with the player that had already been chosen!


Tell me, did you attend the Kinds workout before being?


To be honest, I don’t want to answer this question.

5:07 Atlanta picked Jaylen Johnson with the 20 pick.

5:11 It felt like doing something useless, right?

There were a ton of the Knicks and Spike Lee fans watching the ceremony to find out that their team had traded the 19th pick for the first-round pick in one of the following drafts.

5:13 Looking at the Charlotte squad, it seemed like it’d be hard to find a more spectacular team.

By 5:16 Only Keon Johnson, Isaiah Jackson and Cameron Thomas were left out of the Green Room Invitees.

The lowest-ranked player who was invited to the ceremony was Bol Bol, 44th pick.

5:18 It looked like the Knicks wanted to give away their 21st pick as well – they spent 13 minutes without selecting anyone.

5:21 The Knicks traded the 21st pick to the Clippers, who picked Keon Johnson.

The Knicks got their 25th pick and their second-round pick.

5:25 A bit of Jaylen Johnson: he refused to finish the season at college to recover from his injury. Many of those who were close to Duke reported that the injury was not so serious and that Johnson simply lost motivation.

This is a question that he was often asked during pre-drafts.

And it is also one of the main reasons for his low ranking.

5:27 The Lakers picked Isaiah Jackson for the Wizards, who traded him to Indiana for Aaron Holiday and 31st Pick.

5:34 Jaylen Johnson also didn’t go to pre-draft with Atlanta.

5:35 Houston picked Usman Garuba with the 23rd pick.

Green, Shengyun, Garuba. Wow, congratulations!

5:37 Houston took Josh Christopher at the 24th pick. He was in 10th place in his student ranking of the year.

5:38 The Knicks decided to pick at least someone, and that’s Quentin Grimes, who surprised the coaching staff on the viewing.

By the way, by 5:40 we still (and already) had Cooper, Springer, Thomas, McBride and Butler available.

5:46 Denver took Nah’shon Hyland at their 26th pick.

An interesting player who resembles a streetball player. He will be difficult to integrate into the system. But it does mean getting their own Quickley, so why not?

5:48: The Nets were next.

Thomas was available. There was also Cooper, Springer, Sharpe.

5:52 Hyland is called exclusively by his nickname – “Bones”.

It’s not hard to guess why – he is tall and very thin.

5:55 Brooklyn kept in line with their usual style and chose a shooting guard, Cameron Thomas.

All the Green Room Invitees had been selected.

At 5:58 there were still many interesting players left – Todd and Knicks who played in the G-League; Butler, Mitchell’s Baylor partner, Cooper who had 20 + 8 at college, his underprepared partner, JT Thor and many others.

To be honest, I thought there would be more trades by the end of it.

6:00 Westbrook waved goodbye to the Wizards.

6:01 Philadelphia picked Jaden Springer

By the way, Springer was in 13th place in the ranking of high school players.

That’s higher than Thomas, Jackson or Johnson.

The Nets were next in line again.

6:06 Wojnarowski said Ben Simmons was not even close to trading.

I wonder why? ?

6:09 Phoenix picked Day’ron Sharpe for the Nets.

Wow – Butler, McBride, Cooper and Thor were still available at this time!

6:12 Utah traded the 30th pick to Memphis. Memphis chose Santi Aldama!

Could Jazz imagine that they’d get Murphy with the 30th pick? Interesting, very interesting.

At 6:14 Round one was over!

Here’s who they picked:

1. Detroit – Cade Cunningham

2. Houston – Jalen Green

3. Cleveland – Evan Mobley

4. Toronto – Scottie Barnes

5. Orlando – Jalen Suggs

6. Oklahoma City – Josh Giddey

7. Golden State – Jonathan Kuminga

8. Orlando – Franz Wagner

9. Sacramento – Davion Mitchell

10. New Orleans  – Ziaire Williams (to be traded to Memphis) 

11. Charlotte – James Bouknight

12. San Antonio – Joshua Primo

13. Indiana – Chris Duarte

14. Golden State – Moses Moody

15. Washington – Corey Kispert

16. Oklahoma City – Alperen Shengyun (to be traded to Houston)  

17. Memphis – Trey Murphy (to be traded to New Orleans) 

18. Oklahoma City – Tre Mann

19. New York – Kai Jones (to be traded to Charlotte)

20. Atlanta – Jaylen Johnson

21. New York – Keon Johnson (to be traded to the Clippers)

22. Lakers – Isaiah Jackson (to be traded to Indiana) 

23. Houston – Usman Garuba

24. Houston – Josh Christopher

25. Clippers – Quentin Grimes (to be traded to New York) 

26.Denver – Bones Hyland

27. Brooklyn – Cam Thomas

28. Philadelphia – Jaden Springer

29. Phoenix  – Day’ron Sharpe (to be traded to Brooklyn)

30.Utah – Santi Aldama (to be traded to Memphis) 

6:18 A little clarification on Utah: they got the 40th pick and two picks of the second round from Memphis.

At 6:20 we still had Butler, McBride, Cooper, Thor, Todd and Nyx available.

6:24 I don’t know who is better today. Is it Sacramento, which chose a player without a pre-draft workout, or Washington, which decided to build a team around Beale but chose an underprepared Todd?

Both are equally interesting at the level of a free stand-up – kind of funny, but it’s unlikely that you’ll stay to watch until the end.

6:26 Presti traded the pick, even two! The 34th and 36th for a 32nd with the Knicks.

6:34 The Knicks took Miles McBride with the 36th pick.

It’s pretty funny because many scouts put him along with Primo and ended up ranking Miles higher, but here’s how it goes.

Let me just remind you that Primo had been selected at the 12th pick.

It won’t be surprising if McBride really grows with Thibodeau.

6:40 Charlotte selected JT Thor with the 37th pick.

Then we were waiting for his partner – Cooper, as well as Jared Butler, Joe Wieskamp, who surprised everyone at the combine, and Ayo Dosunmu.

6:43 Dosunmu from Illinois was taken by the Bulls from Illinois.

6:48 Utah picked Butler with the 40th pick, and I would not say that he is worse than Murphy.

6:52 San Antonio acquired Joe Wieskamp. It wouldn’t be surprising if this was their best choice of the draft.

Cooper and Nyx were still available, so were Petrusev, B.J. Boston, and partly Charles Bassey.

6:57 There is a reason why Jared Butler is so low on the draft board.

He was not permitted to practice and participate in screenings until a fitness-to-play panel allowed him to play in the NBA. The Baylor player had minor heart problems.

By the time he was cleared, his rating was pretty low already.

7:11 Atlanta picked Sharife Cooper with the 47th pick.

It doesn’t really matter that he slipped down the board. I thought that Atlanta was the most interesting option for Sharife anyway.

There are two reasons:

– No one in the league trains how to throw from scratch better than Atlanta

– Pick n’ roll offence is just perfect for Cooper

And yes, during the past 25 years, there were only two freshmen in the NCAA that had 20+ points and 8+ assists – Young and Cooper.

7:19 The Nets took the younger brother of Michael Carter – Williams, Marcus Zegarowski, and Petrusev went to Philadelphia at pick 50.

7:24 Brandon Boston, the top-4 student of his year, also left for the Clippers. And immediately after him, the Detroit Pistons took Luca Garza, student basketball player of the year, with the 52nd pick.

7:30 A second Georgian has now joined the league! And he didn’t just join a regular team, but the champions.

Milwaukee selected Sandro Mamukelashvili.

Here’s an interesting fact – the Bulls have chosen only the second player who is from Chicago.

The first was Derrick Rose.

7:47 And so Giannis would not be bored, the Bucks selected a Greek, Georgios Kalaitzakis, with their last pick.

So these are all the draft picks made by the teams.

Here is the final protocol of the second round:

31.Milwaukee – Isaiah Todd ( Washington)

32. New York – Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (to be traded to Oklahoma City)

33. Orlando – Jason Preston (to be traded to the Clippers) 

34. Oklahoma City – Rokas Jokubaitis (to be traded to New York) 

35. New Orleans – Herb Jones

36. Oklahoma City – Miles McBride (to be traded to New York)

37. Detroit – JT Thor (to be traded to Charlotte) 

38. Chicago – Ayo Dosunmu

39. “Sacramento” – Neemias Queta

40. New Orleans – Jared Butler (to be traded to Utah)

41. San Antonio – Joe Wieskamp 

42. Detroit – Isaiah Livers

43. New Orleans – Greg Brown (to be traded to Portland) 44.

44. Brooklyn – Kessler Edwards

45. Boston – SG Juhann Begarin

46. Toronto – Dalano Banton

47. Toronto – David Johnson

48. Atlanta – Sharife Cooper 

49. Brooklyn – Marcus Zegarowski

50. Philadelphia – Filip Petrušev

51. Memphis – Brandon Boston (to be traded to the Clippers)

52. Detroit – Luka Garza

53. Philadelphia – Charles Bassey

54. Indiana – Sandro Mamukelashvili (to be traded to Milwaukee) 

55. Oklahoma City – Aaron Wiggins

56. Charlotte – Scottie Lewis

57. Charlotte – Balsa Koprivica (to be traded to Detroit) 

58. New York – Jericho Sims

59. Brooklyn – Raiquan Gray

60. Indiana – Georgios Kalaitzakis (to be traded to Milwaukee) 

So that’s it! This was quite a surprising draft! But the most impressive was the trade that slightly altered the rules for choosing players. Here are the main outcomes of the eventful draft day:

  1. Russell Westbrook has been traded to the Lakers. Washington is receiving Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. They have also received a rookie Isaiah Jackson, who was traded to Indiana for Aaron Holiday and another Isaiah – Isaiah Todd straight away. The details of the draft are still being discussed.
  2. The first three picks went as expected: Detroit acquired a new star in the person of Cade Cunningham. Jalen Green will play in the rebuilding Houston. And Evan Mobley will move to Cleveland.
  3. Houston made the decision to acquire new players from Europe – both of the center players of the Rockets are from the Old World:  Alperen Şengün is from Besiktas and Usman Garuba is from Real Madrid.
  4. Minnesota lets go of Ricky Rubio once again. Saving up on the tax. He now has a contract with Cleveland, but it’s unclear how long it’s going to last.
  5. Toronto took the power forward Scottie Barnes, not playmaker Suggs, who everyone expected them to. Should we expect the trade of Siakam?
  6. Golden State did not agree to the price Philadelphia asked for Simmons, kept both picks and took the two players the experts had expected to be valued more than that.
  7. San Antonio picked Josh Primo using number 12. He was the youngest draft participant that everyone expected to see somewhere around the end of the first round.
  8. Brooklyn had four new players at once – their cheap contracts will probably help to save on luxury taxes.
  9. And Oklahoma kept only four picks out of their 6 (one of which was Australian two-meter point guard Josh Giddy). But they did get two future picks from Houston, so the Thunder options continue growing, not running out.
  10. In the middle of the first round Jones, Johnson, Johnson and Jackson were selected in a row. Just so you know. 

I hope you enjoyed this step – by – step guide to the NBA 2021 Draft night. Let me know what you think of it and what you found the most surprising in the comments below (yes, there were a few unexpected moments, so which one interested you most?)