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Nick Young says Lakers need to prove “haters” wrong next season


Nick Young was upset when he wrongly thought that ESPN had predicted the Lakers to be the 12th team in the league next season – just imagine how he felt when he found out the ranking was actually 12th in the Western Conference.

According to ESPN, Young is upset by the prediction, yet he understands that many people are writing the Lakers off next season and he’s ready to help prove the “haters” wrong:

[pullquote]“We’re ranked 12th in the league?” he said, slightly puzzled.

Well, not exactly, more like 12th in the West, right behind the New Orleans Pelicans to be exact.

“What? No! Out of teams in the West?” he said, now more upset than puzzled.

“That’s very disappointing,” Young said. “I’m upset just hearing that right now. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens this season. We’re going to be ranked higher than that by the end of the season.”

“I’ve been the underdog for so long,” Young said. “I’m upset and ready for the season. How are you going to be ranked that low with Kobe and Pau and Nash? There’s always going to be haters and we just have to keep proving them wrong.” [/pullquote]

The Lakers truly need to thrive as the underdog next season if they want to make any noise. Health is obviously going to be a huge factor, as always, but the purple and gold could be pretty tough to beat if they play with a chip on their shoulder every single night.

The team is filled with players with something to prove: from the new additions in Young, Wesley Johnson, Chris Kaman and Jordan Farmar, to Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and even Kobe Bryant, the whole team needs to be on a mission to prove themselves next season. If they do that, they may be able to surprise a few people.

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