On Saturday night when ESPN L.A. 710 radio erroneously reported that Pau Gasol had been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, some fans were at home, some were out partying and some were asleep.

However, where was the man himself?

After tonight’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks, Gasol revealed to reporters that he was with his family watching The Lion King musical in Los Angeles when he checked Twitter during the intermission to discover that he’d apparently been traded:

[tweet] [tweet] [tweet]

Of course, this was a false report and Andrew Bynum ended up getting traded for Luol Deng on Monday – not Gasol.

Pau told reporters that he was still awake last night when the Bynum trade went down, so he at least had some assurance that he wouldn’t end up being dealt to Cleveland.

You can almost certainly guarantee that his name will appear in more trade rumors before now and the February trade deadline, though.

Additional information via ESPN L.A. 710