PHOTO: Carlos Boozer Meets His “Favorite Actor” Denzel Washington At Lakers Game #Holdat

There are a number of benefits to playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

From the weather to the bright lights and suiting up in the legendary purple and gold armor, living in L.A. and playing for the Lakers has been a huge draw for players over the years.

One of the biggest benefits to being a Laker is the unlimited access to Hollywood A-listers during home games, and while Jack Nicholson may have not been present for most of this season, there’s still one big name in the acting world who can be found in his courtside seat on a regular basis.

Denzel Washington.

Denzel is a big Laker fan and was at Thursday night’s game against the New York Knicks.

Carlos Boozer used this opportunity to catch up with his “favorite actor” and posted a photo of the moment on his Instagram account today.

“Gotta Chance To Talk To My Favorite Actor Last Night,” Boozer wrote in the caption, along with the hashtags #Denzel #LivingLegend #Thx4TheSupport and, of course, #Holdat.

Boozer wasn’t the only guy with Laker ties to shake Denzel’s hand on Thursday night, however.

According to Kevin Ding, Denzel went out of his way to shake hands with legendary Lakers coach turned president of the Knicks, Phil Jackson, who was sat in the second row with his fiancé and Lakers president, Jeanie Buss.

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