PHOTO: Chris Kaman doesn’t like fan art


So, if you’re going to draw Chris Kaman and send him the finished product via social media, make sure it’s pretty good or risk being embarrassed in front of an entire fan base.

That’s what happened to one fan on Sunday night when they sent the Lakers center a drawing entitled “Hulk Hoagie,” that was decorated with pink love hearts.

“Cris hope I inspired u to play hoops i drew hope u like it,” wrote the fan, who obviously isn’t trolling, from their Twitter account @KremAbdulJabbar.

Kaman, who appears to have breasts and no eyeballs in the drawing, put Krem on blast to his 100,000 followers after seeing the fan’s interpretation of the 31-year-old.

“I see u failed art class!” Kaman wrote.

I love Twitter.

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