PHOTO: Jack Nicholson sits courtside at Clippers game


Someone needs to tell Jack Nicholson that the Los Angeles Lakers’ season ended a month ago –  you do realize that you’re at a Clippers game, Jack?

Well, yes, I sadly think he does.

Before tonight’s Clippers-Thunder game at the Staples Center., ESPN’s cameras caught Jack sitting in a courtside seat.

However, before we all go nuts and revoke Jack’s purple and gold membership, let’s just remember that the legendary actor is a basketball fan, and, sadly, his Lakers didn’t exactly put on many thrilling performances this season.

We can’t really blame Jack for attending this game. After all, these are two high quality teams going at it right on his doorstep, and now that Donald Sterling has been banned for life by the NBA, it makes even more sense to head on down to Staples and watch a couple of hours of high level playoffs action.

And, hey, it’s also possible that Jack just wanted to see the Clippers possibly get eliminated in person!


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