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PHOTO: Kobe Bryant doesn’t look too happy in this season’s team portrait

Photo: L.A. Times
Photo: L.A. Times

In case you didn’t know, Kobe Bryant isn’t happy.

His Los Angeles Lakers are 22-45 and are currently on track to become the worst Lakers team in franchise history, at least record-wise.

Then, there’s also the fact that the Black Mamba has only been able to play in six games so far this season. Obviously, he was hoping for a big comeback year after his tearing his Achilles’ tendon last April.

Oh, and Kobe also recently made his feelings known about the Lakers’ front office and their coach Mike D’Antoni.

So, when Bryant turned up for the team photo today, he didn’t crack a smile. Instead, he looked like someone just told him that his five championship rings had been rescinded due to “basketball reasons.”

At least Kobe turned up, though.

Jordan Hill was late and so the team took the photo in his absence. And as for the Buss family? There’s wasn’t a Jim or Jeanie in sight.

But, hey, the only way is up from here. Smile, Kob’!


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