PHOTO: Kobe Bryant draws motivation from L.A. Times headline doubting his ability to come back from injury


Back in April, the Los Angeles Times ran a headline that doubted whether Kobe Bryant could come back from his Achilles injury. The Black Mamba wants you all to know that he’s still pissed.

“Injury clouds the future for Bryant, Lakers,” the headline read, “Superstar guard has surgery for ruptured Achilles’ tendon, and his career may never be the same.”

Bryant first drew motivation from this headline just days after surgery to repair his ruptured tendon. Here’s what Bryant said on his Instagram account at the time:

[pullquote]This is what my friend/agent sends me this am. Shiesh! #kobe #motivationsunday I’m keeping track of all doubters and haters #mambamentality[/pullquote]

Bryant then reposted the exact same image to his Instagram account on Monday, along with the caption “#cloudy? #eat”:

Bryant is never short of motivation, but it appears that this injury and the doubters that have emerged since April have only added more fuel to the Black Mamba’s fire.

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