I know what you’re thinking.

Another statue?! Where are they going to put it?

Well, it seems the people at the Lakers and Staples Center are wayyyy ahead of you.

When you think of Shaquille O’Neal, you think of the dominance, the powerful backdowns and rim-shattering dunks, so it makes sense to have the big fella throwing one down in his statue pose.

The Lakers got creative with this one, though.

If the “artist’s rendering” that was revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live is anything to go by, Shaq’s statue will be suspended in the air.

Check it out, this is super cool:


The Lakers mixed it up with the Chick Hearn statue by leaving a free seat next to him for photo opportunities, and it looks like they’re about to deliver once again with Shaq’s statue.

It saves space and it looks epic. Win win.

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