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PHOTOS: Mitch Kupchak was memefied during last night’s game

PHOTO: Dead Spin
PHOTO: Dead Spin

When you saw that shot of Mitch Kupchak looking fed up after a huge Blake Griffin dunk last night, you just knew that the internet would get their hands on a screen grab and go nuts.

That’s exactly what happened.

A number of memes of Kupchak soon started to circulate on Twitter last night and we have a few of them right here.

Xavier Henry missed an open layup and the Lakers just jogged back on defense, meaning the breaking Clippers were able to execute on yet another alley-oop dunk.

Chris Paul pushed the ball up the court and then found Girffin for the big slam.

Then, TNT cut to pissed off Kupchak up in his usual box.

And then came the memes.

Firstly, there was the unedited version of the pic…


Then came the fans hoping for the end of the Mike D’Antoni era…

Then there was the daydreaming Kupchak…

The “We want Phil!” Kupchak…

The halftime Kupchak…

The late-game, “Is it over yet?” Kupchak…
And, finally, the “Revenge will be sweet,” Kupchak…

What do you think?

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