PHOTO: Kobe Bryant posts his first-ever Instagram selfie


For most of us, taking a selfie is an everyday occurrence. However, when Kobe Bryant does it for the first time, it kinda is a big deal, especially when he uses his trademark hashtags in the caption such as “#kobeixcollection,” “#seanjohnshades” and “#mambadontselfie,” which is obviously 100 percent untrue, unless this photo is of a Kobe lookalike, of course.

Yes, ladies and gents, today Kobe posted his first ever Instagram selfie – he must’ve taken selfies before, though; I can just imagine him staring into his iPhone while pulling his signature “Kobe Face” – and shared it with the world shortly after landing in Toronto.

It doesn’t look like Nick Young has come across Bryant’s post yet – Swaggy P absolutely annihilated Gilbert Arenas’ first Instagram selfie earlier this month, calling him everything from “Ice Age” to “ugly” – though Young’s likely got more sense than to make fun of Bryant unless he wants to live the rest of his days as a Laker in constant misery.

Bryant also got his “selfie game” on last year when he appeared in a commercial for Turkish Airlines with Lionel Messi. So far, the ad has accumulated over 136 million views in a month and half, which is pretty impressive seeing as the first commercial featuring the pair – which was highly successful and appeared tough to beat – gathered 107 million views over a 12-month period.

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