Rumor: “Strong Belief” Phil Jackson Will Return To Lakers

With the Los Angeles Lakers set to lose the most games in franchise history, changes could soon be looming in the team’s front office.

A few years ago, head of the Lakers’ basketball operations, Jim Buss, set himself a deadline. If the Lakers weren’t contenders in a few years’ time, he’d step down, he said.

Nearly two years have passed since Buss made that statement, and the Lakers have yet to return to the playoffs.

Now, with Derek Fisher being fired in New York, Phil Jackson’s name is once again being linked to the Lakers.

“There’s still a strong belief Jackson will eventually find his way to his fiancée Jeanie Buss and the Los Angeles Lakers,” writes Adrian Wojnarowksi from Yahoo Sports.

Ever since Jackson took the job in New York, it was never seen as a permanent move. Now, with the Lakers continuing to struggle, the door could be open for a reunion with Phil.

However, things could soon change if the Lakers manage to land a decent free agent or two this summer. And then there’s the team’s young players who are continuing to develop, plus the possibility of a top-three pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

While some fans may think Jim Buss has failed in his role as the team’s head basketball man, you can’t deny that the team has managed to add some nice, young pieces while retaining their cap flexibility.

Of course, things have to drastically change when it comes to the win-loss column. Plus, it seems that Byron Scott’s days are numbered, so Jim would certainly have to deliver on what would be his fourth coaching hire since Jackson left in 2011.

But Phil is just as (if not more) unproven as a team executive as Jim Buss. Yes, he found Kristaps Porzingis at fourth overall in last year’s draft, but the Lakers haven’t done too badly themselves in the draft department over the last two years.

Still, as the team’s president, Jeanie Buss has the power to fire her brother, and if the Lakers are still bottom dwellers in a year or two, for better of for worse, her fiancé Phil could be back in town.

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