Time is running out for the Los Angeles Lakers to get a deal done with the Cleveland Cavaliers, yet the Lake Show are standing pat and waiting for the Cavs to make up their minds.

Ramona Shelburne, who has followed this story closely for the past week, was a guest on ESPN L.A. 710 radio today and she shared a few interesting tidbits.

Shelburne said that the Lakers would agree to a deal if the Cavs included Dion Waiters, Anderson Varejao, Tyler Zeller or a first-round pick. Also, Shelburne said there is a few other players on Cleveland’s roster that would likely get the deal done.

Also, interestingly, Shelburne reveals that it was the Cavs who reached out to the Lakers to gauge their interest in a potential Pau Gasol-for-Andrew Bynum swap, and the purple and gold are becoming frustrated due to the prolonged discussions.

via ESPN L.A. 710:

They’re holding firm with their position. They’re not going to simply trade him for just the salary cap relief, they think he has value. There’s a long time before the trade deadline. Cleveland is determined to “win” this trade and get him for nothing.

[The Lakers] are still waiting on the Cavs to make a move. At this point you’re kind of wondering if they’re going to run out of time because this absolutely has to happen by 2:00 PM [PST Tuesday] and even then it’s a little bit weird now because you’re in a position where I don’t know how these players are going to pass physicals in time. The teams could theoretically waive the physicals and go all the way up until tomorrow but it looks like Cleveland’s not going to do it or they’ve got something else going [on].

There’s three or four things that gets this deal done and Cleveland knows all of them. If they give [the Lakers] Dion Waiters, if they give them a first-round draft pick, if they give them Anderson Varejao, I think they like [Tyler] Zeller as well – there’s a couple of other guys on that team that probably get this deal done, but right now Cleveland’s offer is essentially Andrew Bynum and C.J. Miles or Alonzo Gee and “go enjoy your [financial savings].”

The [Cavaliers] won’t budge because they can’t believe the Lakers won’t do this trade for the salary cap savings and to get under the luxury tax. There are plenty of other ways for [the Lakers] to get under the luxury tax. They have several guys on their team that have value: Jordan Hill, Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Chris Kaman – any combination of those four guys, take two of those you get right under the luxury tax.

The Lakers are in a position now where they’re a little bit frustrated with this because their guy’s been dangling out there for a week and they weren’t necessarily looking for this deal. It was presented to them.

The Lakers are doing the right thing here because they have other options. It’s up to the Cavs to decide whether they want to land an impact player like Gasol – the Spaniard averaged 24.3 points, 11.0 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 3.3 blocks in three games last week – by parting with one of their assets in order to give themselves a shot at the playoffs rather than taking yet another trip to the lottery.

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