Stephen A. Smith: “Big Possibility” Lakers Land Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook

There’s still a year and a half to go before Russell Westbrook becomes a free agent, though the rumors are already beginning to swirl regarding his future and the possibility of him signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Oh, and the same can be said for that Kevin Durant guy, too.

According to Stephen A. Smith, who recently appeared on ESPN L.A. 710, Durant “may have the Lakers at the top of his list” and there’s a “good chance” that Westbrook will join him in L.A. the following summer:

One of the biggest reasons, I’m told, that Kevin Durant may have the Lakers at the top of his list is because the Lakers have been led to believe, by whom specifically I do not know, that there is a very good chance that the following year Russell Westbrook’s coming.

So, because of that, this notion that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook ain’t tight, that they don’t want to play together, that is a lie. They love each other, and they love being on the same team with one another, and if it so happens to be in the L.A. market, all the better.

I’m not saying that it’s done. I’m not saying that they said they’re going to leave Oklahoma City. I have been told it’s a big possibility. It’s a big possibility.

Right now, this is just a lot of ifs, buts and maybes.

This summer is still a long way off, never mind next summer, so make sure you take this information with a very large pinch of salt.

Quite honestly, landing Durant alone would be a franchise-changing moment (and is also going to be extremely difficult) so maybe we should just focus on that one for now.

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