Steve Nash was a guest on Jim Rome’s show today and talked about all things Lakers. Check out a transcript below of some of the highlights from the interview.

On Kobe Bryant coming back:

[pullquote]The biggest thing is first to see how Kobe’s feeling. Is it going to take him time to completely get back to where he was or is he going to come back flying?

So, I think we’ve got to wait and see how he feels and then start to incorporate him into the offense and how it best suits him and how it best suits the team.

There’s going to be some adjustments going on there but I think he’s such a tremendous player [so] we’ll welcome him back whenever we can.[/pullquote]

On how much longer he’ll play:

[pullquote]It doesn’t get easier, you’ve got to put in a lot of time and effort around the clock. At the same time, I really do love it.

I was thinking about it the other day, what is it, 18, 20 months most likely left in my basketball career. So, that’s gonna go fast, so I’ve gotta enjoy the heck out of this and mentally, that helps me enjoy it even more. It also helps inspire me to make the most of it.

You play 18 seasons and you look back and it’s kind of a blur…if I can give myself one gift over the last two seasons it’s to give it everything I have but also try to take it all in and enjoy it and enjoy being a teammate and a basketball player for the last, possibly, two seasons of my career.[/pullquote]

On the recent Toronto Raptors trade rumors:

[pullquote]I mean, that’s something that I think all players have faced throughout their careers, so I don’t necessarily – especially after 18 years – put too much into the rumor mill, but I expect to be here and I’m going to work my butt off to get to a level where I can produce, and after last year with all the injuries, you know, I still feel like I’m coming out of that.

So, I just want to get back on good footing and play and be aggressive like I always have been and hopefully that’s here in L.A.[/pullquote]

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