Steve Nash says a quick decision from Dwight Howard would be best for the Lakers


It’s not even June 1 yet, meaning that there’s still over one month to go until Dwight Howard officially becomes a free agent. However, you’d never know that was the case with all the rumors and news that have been swirling around since the Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs.

Steve Nash joined in with the festivities while making an appearance on The Herd recently. Nash spoke about how he wants Dwight to return next season, as does the rest of the team. The Canadian point guard also stated that a quick decision on Dwight’s end would be best for the Lakers and the front office, though he respects Howard’s decision to explore all his options this summer:

[pullquote]We all want him to come back. Hopefully he can come to a decision to come back as soon as possible, but it seems as though he’s going to keep all his options open. I think he knows how I feel about him, I think he knows that I want him back and want to keep building and make up for a difficult year this year.

It’s a tricky time for the Lakers to try to figure out these moving parts, especially after a disappointing year. At the same time, Dwight’s within his rights to go out there and see where he wants to go. It’s kind of tricky. It’d be great for the Lakers if he would kind of decide and get it out of the way. On the other hand, I can’t fault him if he wants to go through the recruiting process.[/pullquote]

Nash always seems to be politically correct with his comments and he was no different here. He echoes Mitch Kupchak’s thoughts at his exit interview earlier this month, when he said that a quick decision from Howard would be best for both parties – especially the Lakers.

As Nash said, though, Dwight is completely within his rights to take his time while making his decision this summer: it’s probably the biggest choice he’s had to make during his nine-year NBA career, so it’s not a process that he’s going to rush or take too lightly.


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