The 2013-14 Los Angeles Lakers: What to expect


The summer of 2013 was definitely a very intriguing off-season for the Lakers and for their fans. The second that final buzzer sounded during Game 4 against the San Antonio Spurs, it was obvious that the Lakers were going to face a big hurdle. A 6’11”, 265 pound hurdle.

We all know how that ended up, and although it is not very pleasing, we must move on from that specific event and focus on the present and the future. That is exactly what Mitch Kupchak did. His first “major” move of the off-season was the signing of Chris Kaman to a one-year deal, as a replacement for Dwight Howard. Kupchak went on to sign Nick Young, Wesley Johnson and the fan favorite Jordan Farmar.

The players that were added to the roster are a good fit for Mike D’Antoni‘s offense. Johnson, Farmar and Young offer three-point shooting and most importantly young legs. The fast-break will be a lot more fun to watch especially with a play-maker like Steve Nash running the show.

In the paint, Chris Kaman will create a much better “tandem” with Pau Gasol than Howard. Kaman, can step out and knock down the mid-range jumper and will not demand the ball in the post, opening up all the space for the Spaniard. Although it is still unclear whether Kaman or Jordan Hill will start next to Pau Gasol, it is obvious that the post-up opportunities will mainly belong to Pau. This improvement on offense is key, due to the fact that nobody can 100% predict on how good Kobe Bryant will be when he returns from his torn Achilles injury. Just like any Lakers fan, I refuse to doubt the Black Mamba, but you always have to be ready for the worst possible situation.

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Written by Artem Boyajyan

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