The fact that Kupchak says “we don’t have many options” as aside to saying “we’re not looking to trade” tells me he sees nothing big happening right now. I’m not sure if “we don’t have many options” increases your competitive advantage as a team looking to trade.

If I’m a rival team, that tells me that I can call the Lakers and get a player dirt cheap, as opposed to Kupchak saying, “we don’t want to make a trade” which gives off the impression the team is happy with their roster and prizing a player away from them would be a hard task that would require more talent going back to the Lakers.

Of course, you can never take these things literally – who knows what’s going on behind closed doors – but with reports that the team are hesitant about moving Pau in case of the unlikely event Dwight leaves – not to mention word that Gasol’s value being at a low – it doesn’t seem that far-fetched that the team will stand pat at the trade deadline.

Kupchak did say back in the summer that they’d be no “home runs”  – which lead to him landing Nash and Dwight – but he also said improvements would be made. He had to say that at that point, as the team had just lost in the playoffs.

Who knows what the team will do. We’ll have to wait and see.

You can read Mitch’s comments about the team not looking actively to make a trade here.

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