You’d have to think that the Lakers would be interested in a package built around Derrick Williams and AK47 for Pau Gasol. Williams has untapped potential and you know what you’re gonna get from Kirilenko. AK47’s deal could be viewed as high but it’s half that of Pau’s and expires the same year. Williams is on a rookie deal still. He’s still only 21. He hasn’t been given an opportunity to flourish in this league yet. D’Antoni’s offense is perfect for him.

There are more problems with the Lakers than just Pau right now, but the fact of the matter is this: if Gasol was playing better, just slightly better, he’d cover up a lot of these problems and we’d be winning more games. If you can get a little more output from guys like Williams and AK47, you’re going to win games.

The Lakers have to do something, it seems. There’s 47 days until the trade deadline, but there’s also 26 games to be played between now and then. How long can the Lakers wait? They’re already on the inside looking in at 15-17.

A move like this with Minnesota is one that could reenergise the team now and still leave them with lots of dollars to spend in the 2014 off-season.

Read more about the Pau-to-Timberwolves talk here. Minnesota is apparently still interested in acquiring him.

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