Vacation Over: Jordan Clarkson Is Already Back In The Gym

The season ended just two weeks ago, though Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson is already back in the gym.

On Thursday, Clarkson posted a video to his Instagram account that showed a quick glimpse of the 23-year-old working out in the gym.

“S/16, it aint about what you see,” Clarkson wrote in the caption, perhaps referring to all the hard work he’ll be doing behind closed doors this summer.

Clarkson also shared a weight room photo of himself on Snapchat, that was later posted by Reddit user e-lustrado:

via Reddit user e-lustrado
via Reddit user e-lustrado

The fact that Clarkson is already back in the gym is no surprise.

The 46th pick in 2014’s NBA Draft has always had a chip on his shoulder, and he’s elevated his game and surpassed the expectations of many over the last few years thanks to his stellar work ethic.

That strong work ethic has probably been strengthened even further since Clarkson joined the Lakers and saw firsthand the kind of time that Kobe Bryant puts into his craft on a daily basis.

In fact, Bryant has invited the Lakers’ young players down to Orange County to workout with him this summer, so hopefully L.A.’s recent draft picks take regular trips to see the five-time NBA champion on a regular basis this off-season.

Clarkson will be a restricted free agent this summer, though the Lakers are expected to retain his services. Due to the nature of his restricted free agency, the purple and gold will be able to match any offer Clarkson receives from another team.

In 79 games this season, Clarkson averaged 15.5 points, 4.0 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.1 steals per game while shooting 34 percent from three-point range.

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