VIDEO: Clipper Darrell gets booed as he loses bet and puts on Swaggy P t-shirt at Lakers-Clippers game


Clipper Darrell getting booed by his fellow L.A. Clipper fans? Ouch.

Tonight, during the Lakers-Clippers game at Staples Center, Nick Young’s friend and assistant – you may know him as “The Shoekeeper” – delivered a Swaggy P t-shirt to Clipper Darrell. According to Beto Duran, wearing the tee was a part of an opening night bet – of course, the Lakers defeated the Clips at the beginning of the season.

However, when Darrell put on the shirt he was met by a chorus of boos from the Clips fans around him.

You can’t blame the Clipper fans for booing Darrell, though, seeing as the t-shirt does feature the Lakers’ colors.

Then again, a high percentage of Clipper fans used to be Laker fans anyway…

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