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VIDEO: D’Antoni discusses Kobe’s in-game tweets, calls Bryant a “fan”

These comments – and that eye roll – from Mike D’Antoni after today’s loss caused quite a stir on Twitter. Was D’Antoni getting himself in hot water as usual with an untimely joke, or was he actually being serious?

Kobe’s reaction to D’Antoni calling him “a fan” was pretty funny…


Although, it seems the magnification of Kobe’s comments and them being brought up after the game might’ve scared him away from live-tweeting in the future….


Personally, I think this is just D’Antoni’s sense of humor, although he needs to know when to stop. He’s made a handful of comments this year that the fans and media have gone crazy over, especially when he’s talking about Kobe.


If D’Antoni had not done “the eye roll” and called Kobe a fan, we wouldn’t even be talking about this right now. I know he’s out there to coach the team and not make new fans, but just watching what he says now and again would give him a much quieter life.

What do you think?

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