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VIDEO: Dwight says it was “very tough” playing with Kobe; hints hiring Phil would’ve kept him in L.A.


In the space of 4 minutes and 29 seconds, Dwight Howard says it was “tough” playing with Kobe Bryant, hints that hiring Phil Jackson would’ve keep him in Los Angeles and states that he and James Harden could be the next Kobe and Shaq.

“Who’s going to stop that pick-and-roll?” he said.


Oh, and he also says he’s a “winner” because he’s been in the NBA for 10 years – he’s said this a few times now since leaving L.A., by the way. Sure, he’s stayed in one the best leagues in the world for 10 years and has made millions of dollars, but so has Luke Walton.

Kobe pushed Howard to be great – something he claimed he wanted – but he obviously couldn’t take it. The Lakers were never going to listen to Howard’s wishes and hire Jackson because they wouldn’t be taken hostage. And as for the Kobe and Shaq comparisons? That’s just insulting.

Finally, regarding the pick-and-roll stuff: Howard just walked away from one of the best pick-and-roll coaches in the NBA, not to mention the best P+R passer in Steve Nash (statistically in 2011-12). Oh, and he spoke all season of how he wanted to get the ball in the post, and he never really showed a willingness or enthusiasm to set solid screens or to continuously participate in a pick-and-roll offense.

Houston, you have a problem.


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Written by Ross Pickering

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