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VIDEO: Jordan says he could beat LeBron in his prime, not sure about Kobe


People would pay a lot of money to see Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan play each other one-on-one during their prime, but unless someone can invent a time machine or Tupac-like hologram, we’re never going to get to see such an epic match-up. It doesn’t stop us talking about it, though.

During a promotional video for NBA 2K14, Jordan rattled off a list of players he thinks he could defeat one-on-one during his prime. LeBron James, Jerry West and Carmelo Anthony were among MJ’s victims, yet he’s not so sure about whether he could beat the Black Mamba as he “steals all my moves”.

I’m sure that Bryant wouldn’t argue with MJ’s assessment – he’s said himself multiple times that he’s taken moves from the likes of Jordan, Magic and West – and Vino would also probably like his chances to beat his mentor, seeing as Kobe called himself the “best [one-on-one player] to ever do it.”

Man, I want to see this match-up now. Fire up the DeLorean.

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