VIDEO: Kendall Marshall records Ryan Kelly while he watches Duke lose in NCAA Tournament


If you’re ever around Kendall Marshall, be aware that he might just “do it for the Vine.”

Today, Ryan Kelly was the victim of Marshall’s Vine addiction.

While Kelly was watching his Duke Blue Devils lose to the Mercer Bears during the first round of the NCAA Tournament, Marshall whipped out his iPhone and started to record the rookie.

Kelly was unaware that Marshall was filming, and you could see the despair upon his face.

Then, Marshall called Ryan’s name, who saw he was being filmed and reacted with a face palm.

The pair have had a long running back-and-forth this season seeing as they both went to rival schools during their college days. While Kelly attended Duke from 2009 till 2013, Kendall went to North Carolina between 2010 and 2012.

This isn’t the first time that Marshall has created a video to tease his teammate.

Back in February, Marshall produced another video that showed him kicking Kelly’s blue sneaker across the locker room floor.

Hey, despite this depressing season, at least these guys still have a sense of humor.


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