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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant calls Dwight Howard a “soft mother******”

Kobe Bryant may be a seasoned veteran, but that doesn’t mean he’s about to back down from anybody, especially Dwight Howard.

During the Lakers’ season-opening loss on Tuesday night, Bryant and Howard had a little altercation near the end of the third quarter.

After Howard rebounded the ball, Bryant approached the center and put his arms up high to restrict his passing options. Howard then used the opportunity to get in a couple of cheap shots on the five-time NBA champion, and swung two elbows at Kobe’s chin. This lead to a whistle from the official and a little jawing back and forth between Bryant and his former teammate. Both players were also assessed technical fouls.

Firstly, here’s the live television feed of the incident. Bryant can be seen shouting “try me” to Howard, while also calling him “soft” once back at the bench:

However, this clip filmed by a fan is a little more interesting.

Bryant is shown looking in Howard’s direction while calling the center a “soft mother******,” among other things. It goes without saying, but be advised that there’s a number of expletives in the video below:

This was the first time that Bryant and Howard had been on the court together since Dwight left town in the summer of 2013, so it’s really not that surprising that these two got into it a little bit.

The Lakers next face the Rockets on November 19. It’ll be interesting to see if the bad blood carries over into that matchup, too.

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