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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant got to Miami at 2am…and then started playing the piano

The Los Angeles Lakers flew to Miami last night after their win in Charlotte versus the Bobcats. They got into the hotel at about 2am.

So, did the team go to straight to bed?

Nope, they watched the Black Mamba play the piano.

Kobe mentioned his passion for playing the piano a couple of weeks back when he posted a photo of himself tinkling the ivories. He said he learned how to play for his wife, Vanessa (pauses for “Awwww!” from the female readers).

Well, tonight he showed off his piano skills to the entire team, it seems.

When he got into the lobby of the hotel in Miami, he hopped on the piano and played a little tune. Darius Morris captured the video below:
Darius uploaded the video, but you have to wonder whether Mike D’Antoni recorded it, seeing as the footage was seven seconds or less.

I’m here all week, guys.

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