VIDEO: Kobe Bryant upset with Jeremy Lin, takes matters into his own hands

Kobe Bryant wasn’t too happy with Jeremy Lin at the end of Friday night’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

After hitting a tough three-pointer just moments earlier, Bryant sprinted to midcourt and fouled Jeremy Lin’s man, Mike Conley, in order to stop the clock.

After Bryant’s three, there was only a 0.2 differential between the shot clock and game clock, so a quick foul should’ve been the Lakers’ top priority.

However, Lin was looking to Byron Scott for guidance, and the Lakers’ coach didn’t appear to ask Lin to foul. Bryant was behind Lin shouting for a foul, though it’s quite possible that Kobe’s words were drowned out by the raucous crowd.

After the game, Scott said he told Lin not to foul until just 10 seconds were remaining (I’m not sure why…) and Bryant later chalked up the miscommunication to a lack of experience (he was talking about Lin, I presume).

Either way, this was a weird way to end the game. But then again, it’s been that kind of a season thus far.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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