VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Sprayed With Champagne By Lakers Teammates After 60-Point Performance

Although it was a sad day, the Lakers also had a lot to celebrate on Wednesday night.

After slumping through their worst season in franchise history, Kobe Bryant’s 60 points (and a win) in his NBA finale were a welcome sight, as was this footage of the Lakers popping bottles.

No, the Lakers hadn’t just won a championship – that’s usually when the champagne is brought out – but it was the end of a remarkable 20-year career for Bryant, and that alone is certainly worth celebrating.

The fact the Mamba dropped 60 points in his last NBA appearance was just the icing on the cake.

After completing his final post game interview, Bryant stepped off the court and into the locker room. Then this happened:

Even though Wednesday night was a sad day, it was also an incredibly exciting one.

And above all, it was a celebration – a celebration of greatness.

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