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VIDEO: “Kobe” dunks on LeBron in the Philippines

As you may have heard, LeBron James is out in the Philippines right now, and even out there, he still can’t get away from hearing Kobe Bryant‘s name.

Firstly, professional players realized how much of a one-off Kobe is when LeBron snubbed them and wouldn’t sign any autographs or take pictures with them earlier this week. Oh, and then this guy named “Kobe” dunked on him.

Meet Kobe Paras, a 15-year-old high school kid who made the most of a layup line drill featuring LeBron. As Kobe dribbled down the lane, he decided to fly past James – who half-heartedly attempted to block his shot – and throw down a dunk, bringing the crowd to life.

Even though it wasn’t an actual “poster” dunk, LeBron didn’t look all that pleased; he didn’t even try to laugh it off. This is the same LeBron who got dunked on by Jordan Crawford at his camp in 2009, leading to video footage of the event being confiscated.

Anyway, pretty awesome moment for this kid. Even an Achilles injury won’t stop “Kobe” from dunking on LeBron.

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