Photo: L.A. Times

Photo: L.A. Times

Kobe Bryant really seems to be enjoying college life right now.

Just last week while in town for the Lakers-Celtics game, Bryant surprised students by showing up to classes at Boston College on Thursday. Then, ahead of tomorrow’s game against the Heat, Kobe checked in at the University of Miami to continue his education.

As you can imagine, the college kids loved Bryant showing up to class, even if he does play for a team on the other side of the country.

In fact, one student wanted to show his appreciation to Bryant so badly that he did so in two different languages.

Of course, the Black Mamba is fluent in a number of languages, so translating this guy’s funny outburst would be no problem for the five-time NBA champion.

For a guy who never went to college, popping in like this and taking in a few classes at a time has to be the best way to get a taste of the experience.

“It’s interesting because obviously I’ve been doing a great amount of international marketing for the last 15 years,” Kobe told reporters last week, according to “So to sit in a classroom and actually hear the proper terminology for some of the things I’ve been doing was pretty cool.”

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