VIDEO: Lakers @ Bulls – extended highlights (01/21/13)


At the season’s half-way point, the Lakers find themselves with a record of 17-24.

Where to start?

Perhaps the stat that best summarizes the game is that the Bulls had 25 assists against eight turnovers, whereas the Lakers had 15 assists against 15 turnovers. The Bulls looked like a team, whereas the Lakers – as they have all season – looked disjointed.

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What else can go wrong?

When Kirk Hinrich stamps a season-high 22 points against your squad on 9-11 shooting, crossing over fools and dropping in jumper after jumper like a summer league game or a Sunday at the Rucker, times are rough.

When the Mamba, aka Mr. 81, aka KB, aka Mr. Dependable for at least 20 a night suddenly freezes ice cold from deep, clanking all six of his threes, and produces only 16 points in the house that Mike and Phil built, times are tough.

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Written by Ross Pickering

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