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VIDEO: Lakers vs. Bobcats – extended highlights (12/18/12)



Firstly, it was the return of Pau Gasol tonight. He made his impact early, putting up 5 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks in his opening 9 minutes on the floor.

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The Bobcats, a team which entered the game having lost 11 games in a row, had the ball with 21 seconds left, and only down by one. They managed three shots on their final possession but could not score, and the Lakers earned perhaps their ugliest win of the season.

But, yes, we’ll gladly take it.

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Considering the most efficient way to get information about the Charlotte-Laker game while on a flight with spotty Internet is Twitter, the following article is an homage to Bob Hellman of @theDailyDeets, an accomplished writer who pioneered the widely popular form of embedded tweet-response blog posting in 2009 for Comcast, and represents how I found out how the game went down.

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Lakers break Bobcats’ hearts for 3rd straight W

Lakers vs. Bobcats: a lucky break