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VIDEO: Lil Wayne says Kobe Bryant “should D-Rose it” and sit out rest of season


Tunechi hit a touchy subject.

Everyone and their grandmother has an opinion on whether Kobe Bryant should return this season or sit it out and come back next year even stronger.

Everyone including Lil Wayne.

ESPN’s First Take recently caught up with the rapper and showed him a clip of Stephen A. Smith making the case that Bryant should sit out the rest of the year.

Lil Wayne agreed.

Now, Wayne isn’t a doctor – as far as I know, anyway – though he could be right when he suggests that Kobe “should D-Rose it” for the rest of the season in order to come back “110 percent” next year – it’s worth remembering that Derrick Rose re-injured himself after sitting out the entirety of last season, though.

However, with only 23 games left this year and Bryant still experiencing pain and swelling in his fractured knee, it seems that the 35-year-old may simply run out of time to recover in order to return this season.

Instead of “shutting it down” for the rest of the year, Kobe may just not be ready to go this season.

What’s clear is that Bryant isn’t rushing to return to the court and the team’s doctors are taking things slowly with the five-time NBA champion. That’s smart.

In the end, Kobe won’t rush his return and he’ll be back on the court when he’s ready. Whether that’s this season or next is yet to be seen.

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