VIDEO: Nick Young bets friend to run through – and dive in – pool of water in Miami


Would you do this for a few hundred dollars?

Nick Young had a little fun in Miami earlier today when he bet his friend to run through a pool of water for a few hundred dollars.

Nick’s friend – who some of you may know as “Shoe Keeper” – obliged and ran through the water before diving and sliding face first through the pool.

The video went down well with Nick’s friends and fans alike: At the time of writing, the video has received nearly 20,000 likes on Instagram and has been re-posted by the likes of Jordan Farmar, Iggy Azalea and Gilbert Arenas (although, he later deleted the post).

This isn’t the first time Swaggy P has entertained us with his Instagram videos this year.

During the preseason, Young posted a hilarious video of him crashing while tobogganing down the Great Wall of China. The L.A. native also shares videos of his toddler son on a regular basis, who is already pretty good at basketball despite his tender age.

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