From Magic Johnson to Lonzo Ball. From Showtime to Zo Time.

After putting on a show in Phoenix on Friday night in which the rookie put up 29 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists, Ball had his first postgame on-court interview with Lakers sideline reporter Mike Trudell.

Ball talked about how he was able to bounce back from a poor game on opening night and lead the Lakers to their first victory of the season.

However, it wouldn’t be a fun win without a little postgame interview video bomb by a fellow teammate, would it?

Cue Larry Nance Jr., who just caught the end of Ball’s interview and said “It’s Zo Time, baby!” directly into the camera.

It appears this young Lakers team has great chemistry both on and off the court, which is great to see.

After the game, Ball’s fellow rookie Josh Hart took to Twitter and had a message for the haters:

Gotta love it!