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What is the meaning behind Kobe Bryant’s new Twitter avatar?


Kobe Bryant is really enjoying social media.

After joining Twitter earlier this year, Bryant has interacted with his fans, unfollowed a certain former teammate and posted endless legendary tweets.

Kobe has also had a little fun with his cryptic messages.

Firstly, Kobe’s Twitter avatar was a photo of a grizzly bear. Then, he changed it to an image of the number 1225. Now, his avatar is simply a black square.

Bryant accompanied the change with a tweet to explain what the avatar meant. Kinda:


So, what does this mean? Nobody is exactly sure, but there’s a few theories out there.

One of the most popular ideas that spread quickly throughout the online world was that Bryant was referencing the Lakers’ November 15 game against the Memphis Grizzlies, a time when the Lakers are (allegedly) planning to premier their black Hollywood nights uniforms.

However, there is no evidence anywhere on the internet to support the thinking that the Grizzlies game is the debut of the black uniforms, and team officials “downplayed” the connection, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It’s worth pointing out that Bryant said he’d completed one week of his three weeks of intense conditioning – he revealed this last Friday, exactly two weeks from the night of the Grizzlies game.

However, it still seems unlikely that Bryant is aiming for the Grizzlies game. With a serious injury like this, it’s likely going to be hard for the Black Mamba to put a date on his return. He’ll be ready to play when he finally feels like his old self, and who knows when that’ll be.

One of the more likely theories is that Bryant is referencing his “blackout” training that he has talked about in the past.

It’s a good sign if Kobe is partaking in blackout training right now: the workouts are said to be intense and varied – everything from cardio to weights to on-court work is covered in the training.

And as for the bear hunt? This is most likely a reference to Bryant’s now-infamous early morning Facebook rant: after tearing his Achilles tendon just hours earlier, Bryant took to his Facebook page in the middle of the night and urged fans to “pray for the bear” if the Black Mamba is ever caught in a fight with one.

The second theory is probably the more plausible of the two mentioned here.

Then again, Bryant may just be messing with all of us and could be secretly laughing at all of these crazy theories.

After all, he recently had fun with the “1225” avatar as he joked that the number is his pet’s birthday.

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