Some fans argue that between Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid, Anthony is more athletic, stronger, a better shooter and defender, and all Embiid is good at is rebound. How true is this? Let us compare the two players and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

The comparison between Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid is difficult as both are some of the best players in the NBA. They were also two of the top rebounders in 2018 when Anthony was playing for the Pelicans. Anthony Davis currently plays for the LA Lakers, and he is popularly known as “Brow, “The Brow,” or AD inside the court. Joel Embiid currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, also going by the nicknames “The Process” or “JoJo.”

Comparison of the Two Players

Several things stand out for these two legendary players:

  • Defense

Bothe the players’ positions are best for defensive playing. In 2019, Anthony finished with 12,0 rebounds per game (RPG), while Embiid finishes with 13 6 rebounds per game. This means Joel Embiid had more success in rebounds than Davis did. Men with great heights are perfect for rebounds, with Davis is 6 feet 10 inches and Embiid 7 feet tall. Being taller than Davis, his height gave him an advantage. While height is not the sole factor in more rebounds, an intelligent sense of defence also comes into play.

  • Block

Stats show that Anthony Davies came out on top in his blocking game. Davies scored 2,4 blocks per game (BPG) while Embiid scored 1,9 BPG. Embiid seems to be better at defence than Davies, so this was a surprising result.

  • Steal

Steal was taken over by Davis with 1,6 steal per game (SPG) over Embiid’s 0,7 SPG. Steal is not easy for a bigger-bodied man, but stats show that Davis had more SPG over Embiid. This could be because of Davis’s long arms and lightning-fast reflexes.

 For his size (115kgs or 253lb), Davis is quite nimble on his feet and responsive, which makes him an excellent blocker and offensive player. Embiid at 127kgs or 280lb is heavier and taller than Davis, which makes it harder to bump him off the way in the paint area. In the steal stats 2019, Davis wins.

  • Offensive

In scoring, Embiid had 28.5 PPG (points per game) in 2021, with Davis getting 28.1 PPG in 2018. This one, Embiid wins over Davis with a small margin. Davis claimed better field goals at .514% and Embiid at .487%. By popular opinion, Davis is a better scorer than Embiid, who has proven more efficient.

Embiid bumps the opponent to get closer to the basket and scores, while Davis will shoot and do an alley-oop. In ASG (assists per game), Davis led with a 3.9 while Embiid followed closely with a 3.7. Davis moves a lot compared to Embiid; that’s why he gets more accessible passes.

  • Shooting Ability

In the free throw percentage, Embiid garners a .808%, while Davis gets a .799%. Davis took the 3-point percentage with .312% and Embiid with .329%.

  • Outside Scoring

Joel Embiid perfected his three-point shot when he had to skip a lot of playing time because of an injury. Joel entered the league armed with high expectations of this three-point shot ability. He may have slackened a bit since, but he is still a better outside scorer compared to Anthony Davis

  • Inside Scoring

Both Davis and Embiid are excellent at the offensive. They are both amazing dunkers and good at the post. Embiid’s footwork is better compared to Davis. Davis is a force to be reckoned with within close range and below the rim while Embiid has had issues with the top-tier defenders.

  • Athletism

Joel once played volleyball and he is a fantastic athlete. He has a massive wingspan and can easily contour his body. Anthony is a skillful guard despite his great height and is among the most athletic players.

  • Rim Protection

Very few players can do what Davis can do in blocking shots. Embiid averages at 2.0 a game, which is still less than Davis’s 2.4. 

  • Clutch

Embiid has not demonstrated his clutch ability. He has severally missed several key shots but has not hesitated when it comes to the major shots. Davis has always been standing in the gap and has recorded a +- 2.1 in the clutch and scored 3.4 points on 51.6 shooting.


According to stats, Davis is better at the offensive and more creative, and for many reasons, Anthony Davis is the better player. Davis proves he is not just another ordinary player. The player is an excellent shooter and can push his way to the ring.

Davis is among the top 15 rebounders, and he is a good team player. Both players are good in their own right, each with his style. Davis is one of the best in the offensive, while Embiid is best in defense. Davis has excellent reflexes and is creative, while Embiid comes in with his solid frame and firm bump.

When the LA Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers clash, it is a much-awaited affair. This anticipation is due to the history of both, and their success. Both Davis and Embiid have received accolades for their talent and myriad accomplishments, with the two having attained several All-Star selections. They are considered among the top fifteen NBA players.