If Dwight Howard went on Twitter right now and said “I want to be traded to the Lakers! I want to be a Laker!” and then the Magic ultimately decided to deal him to another team OR keep him – which basically happened with the Brooklyn situation – what would happen then?

He’d ruin his reputation even more so. He’d have to go to another team people know he doesn’t want to play for. It would make matters worse.

That’s why I think Dwight is laying low in terms of public speaking. Maybe he’s privately made it known he’d like to be a Laker – who knows. But I think that by going to the Dodger game last night, he pretty much made a bold statement without saying anything at all.

I think he’s being smart right now; no need to make this mess any worse. He’s already lost a load of fans. He doesn’t want to lose anymore. Seems he’ll just wait this thing out and that’s probably the best thing he can do.

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